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Syndrome X: exercise.


You need to exercise more if you have syndrome X.

Insulin goes up fairly fast if you lead a sedentary lifestyle.

Your liver gets resistant to insulin after five days of inactivity. Insulin is needed in the liver to shut off glucose release, and to facilitate glucose storage as glycogen. Liver cells which are resistant to insulin also stop accepting magnesium, which is needed for the liver to work properly in its other function, that of keeping the blood more or less free of various gunk.

... isn't it funny how a wonky sugar metabolism in the liver gets you eating more simple carbs?

So exercise. That's at the very least going out for a walk every other day for at least 30 minutes, better make that 45. It's not a leisurely stroll, its exercise which makes you sweat.

Chopping firewood and carrying water would be the ideal exercise, but alas, every single person who reads this has access to the internet, and therefore, running water and central heating.

You can of course still chop your firewood and carry your water, or you can go for a walk. Or go dancing, skiing, play ice hockey or tennis, or do judo - whatever strikes your fancy, as long as you exercise hard enough at least twice a week.

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Actually, I'm reading this and I haven't got running water or central heating. In fact, I haul water every day and heat with a wood stove (chopped by myself as well). But I do have solar power and satellite internet.

Sorry, was reading up on Nettle seed and had to add a smart comment or two for fun.

Lucky you ...