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There are so many plants!

Decisions, decisions ...

So I'm writing a new book, cos both of my old ones are completely sold out ... it's in Finnish.

One publisher was very interested, let's see if they still are after I've mailed the manuscript in about 4 weeks.

I've set myself goals; write about one herb a day, and/or write about one preparation or other general topic a day. And I've kept that pretty well, for the last few weeks.

The problem is, there are so many herbs! How can I choose just 40 or even 30?

Herbs included and written about, so far:

  • Nettles, Urtica dioica
  • Ech, Echinacea purpurea
  • Black currant, Ribes nigrum
  • Vervain, Verbena + all the various Glandularias out there
  • Chickweed, Stellaria media
  • Speedwell, Veronica officinalis + chamaedrys
  • Hyssop, Hyssopus officinalis
  • Maral root, Stemmacantha carthamoides
  • SJW, Hyperium species
  • Horsetail, Equisetum arvense

But on top of those, I have to include Eschscholzia, Valeriana, Avena, Filipendula ulmaria, Galium, red raspberry, Alchemilla, and and and ...



It's worth learning to read Finnish for..... Although I do have a Finnish herb friend in Albuquerque, maybe if I buy your books for her, she'll translate for me LOL.

Heh yes. I might write one in English, one of these years, too ...

I am reading your blog while sipping nettle infusion, so I'm happy to see it's making it into your latest book! I wish I knew Finnish. :)



Unfortunately, my English is very bad, but I hope it's not too bad:)

You have really a nice hand, and lots of useful information on herbal plants, I would be on a visit from you on my page. Unfortunately, I have not quite so many collect information about herbs.

Greetings from Brandenburg