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Some mikado games are larger than others.

From Gothenburg I drove to Torestorp, which was close to the next herb garden on my itinerary.

The map I'd gotten from Avis was not all that detailed, and when you get down to countryside dirt roads you get lost. Me, I'm not cursed with the male gene, so I stopped and asked for directions; people were helpful, and I found my way.

They had hurricane-strength winter storms in that part of Sweden in January ... twice, with some households without electricity for more than 5 weeks. In addition to the usual "right then, the freezer is toast, can't go online, no telly, no hot water, no water at all in fact, no hot food! .. I'm moving back north for the duration" this is sheep/cattle/horse country, and they fence the pastures with electric fences. Oops.

Pretty little pond.Pic: Pretty little pond. You can still see some of the giant matchstick jumbles, like this one. The pond will be very pretty again later on, I'm sure.

I do know that I don't want to be the one to find the maximum-point-stick at the very bottom of that heap and pull it out without making any of the other sticks fall.