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Trillium "erectum"

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Do tell me why Trillium erectum is called that.

It's in no way erect - it's nodding. See for yourself:

Trillium erectum, red flower.Pic: Trillium erectum, red flower.

Trillium erectum, white flower.Pic: Trillium erectum, white flower.

And what's with the white and/or red flowers of Trilliums?


I heard from other ecology students that white trillium flowers go red once pollinated. I can't, however, substantiate this.

The white flowered Trillium grandiflorum that we have here turns pinkish as the flower dies back; not sure if this is dependant on pollination. But red trillium and white trillium are different species.

There's loads of trilliums (I've pics of 8 species now), and a few of them are white and pink or red.
Pollination, eh? Thanks for that!