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Yew toxicity.

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Most online texts assume that all species of yew are equally toxic. They're not.

One source which is fairly good at separating deadly from mild tummyache is

Here's their lineup:
1) Taxus baccata, English yew: Toxicity: severe
2) Taxus brevifolia, Pacific yew: Toxicity: moderate
3) Taxus canadensis, Canada yew: toxicity: moderate
4) Taxus cuspidata, Japanese yew: toxicity: severe
5) Taxus floridana, Florida yew: no toxicity data on
6) Taxus x media (= Taxus baccata x cuspidata): toxicity: severe

It'd be nice if people would try to get their facts straight before crying "it's deadly, deadly I tell you!".

... yes, I know. I'll dream on, though.