On ash wands

Botanical name: 

I remember Christopher taking time out of a therapeutics class to teach how to make ash wands on the equinox. I scuttled out of the flat at midnight that night, made my offering to the tree outside the Glasgow Steiner School before cutting a branch, remembering to seal the cut end with wax to prevent the healing magic from escaping. Such a sense of joy and connection.

Yes he taught us to make them too. Cut your ash wand at the last full moon before the spring equinox.....

Having asked of course... and seal with beeswax.

Yes! Absolutely!

I made one as per instructions and used to use it with my weans when they had fallen and hurt themselves or were feeling sad. Always did help.

At midnight on the full moon before the spring equinox cut an ash wand and seal the raw end with beeswax. That's all I remember (except you have to keep in mind BST and adjust accordingly, so 1am next morning). It probably doesn't do any harm to thank the tree etc.

The ash wand must be of a size from the end of your fingers to between the wrist and elbow. Once cut, seal with beeswax there and then (images of dodgy lighters to melt the wax and groups of folk by ash trees after dark on full moons with knives - love it!)

And remember they only last a year. Burn the old one and make a new one.

And what does the ash wand do?

Heals people! Well, he used to say use it for stroking with intention. I used it on children and partners and in ceremony of sorts. And myself.