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The Eclectic Alkaloids,

Resins, Resinoids, Oleo-Resins and Concentrated Principles

including Portraits and Biographies of

John King, William Stanley Merrell, Alexander Wilder, William Tully, Grover Coe, Robert Stafford Newton, Edward S. Wayne, Calvis Newton and John Coakley Lettsom.

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Imagine this: Herbal medicine has gradually expanded in popularity, partially in response to a Standard Practice Medicine that, at its worst, seems anti-humanistic and brutal. As a small group of reformers seek to modify Medicine from within and without, herbs TAKE OFF! Dozens of exploitative schemes and commercial entities take advantage of the "herb thing" poor quality and sometimes brainless products, capitalizing on the new trend. Concentrates, "extracts" and "standardized" preparations flood the market for two decades, nearly killing the alternative movement before it can mature. This is NOT a warning tale of today, but what happened to Eclectic and Herbal Medicine from 1845 to 1865. We are in the midst of the Second Reform...this is what happened during the First Reform.

Lloyd, in his almost excruciating Victorian detailing, tells us How It Happened (from the vantange point of 1910). It is happening once again.

--Michael Moore.

More classics, thanks to Michael Moore. This one is an in-depth view into the follies of expecting single constituents to do what the whole plant does, and the folly of vicious infighting when external forces are trying to regulate you out of existence. Fascinating reading.


The Lloyd Libary Bulletin # 12: The Eclectic Alkaloids, 1910, was written by J. U. & C. G. Lloyd.