Local Anesthetic.

Selected writings of A. Jackson Howe.

The following local anodyne was one of Professor Howe's favorite combinations. It should be remembered in times of need when neuralgic pains are driving the patient to distraction and as little internal anodyne medication as possible is desired.—Ed. Gleaner.

LOCAL ANAESTHETIC.—Occasions occur when it is desirable to produce powerful sedation locally. There may be many ways to bring about local lethal action, but the following is best known to me: Rx Camphor, Chloral, 2 drachms each, Sulph. Morphia 5 grains. Chloroform 2 drachms. M. S. Apply with a camel's hair brush to painful spots.

The above clear liquid may be painted upon the skin at an aching point, and it will produce so much sedative action that the sufferer praises its qualities. A female patient liable to attacks of tic dolouroux never takes a journey without a vial of the soothing anodyne in her reticule. I order it brushed upon the skin covering inflamed joints. It may be painted upon the mastoid processes to alleviate the pangs of earache. It may be safely rubbed upon the gum of an aching tooth. A few drops on a pledget of lint held to the nose will instantly cure headache. Neuralgic spots are to be wetted with it repeatedly. It is to be employed upon the necks of the croupy and diphtheritic. It has thwarted suicidal intents and purposes and invoked benisons upon the prescriber.—HOWE, Eclectic Medical Journal, 1884.

The Biographies of King, Howe, and Scudder, 1912, was written by Harvey Wickes Felter, M. D.