Dynamyne in Orchitis.

Selected writings of A. Jackson Howe.

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This paper should be read in connection with the article on "Dynamyne."—Ed. Gleaner.

DYNAMYNE IN ORCHITIS.—Wider ranges of experience have led me to try dynamyne at full strength, locally, in the treatment of orchitis; and the results have been eminently satisfactory. Dr. Berry has cured three cases with the drug, and I have done the same in two instances. The patients did not complain of smarting, nor of other annoyances. I ordered my patients to go to bed, take a dose of Epsom salts, and apply the dynamyne to the inflamed testis and sensitive cord every hour or two. In two days they were well, yet were advised to wear suspensory bandages for awhile.

For years I have been seeking a local agent that would not irritate the thin and sensitive scrotal tissue; and now I have found the desideratum.

At present I am using dynamyne upon an acutely inflamed knee—arthritis—and with more satisfaction in the way of relief than when other agents have been applied. Internally I gave salicylate of soda.

I use a dash of dynamyne in the pan of water I display surgical instruments and implements. It renders the fluid aseptic.—HOWE, Eclectic Medical Journal, 1892.

The Biographies of King, Howe, and Scudder, 1912, was written by Harvey Wickes Felter, M. D.