Berberis aquifolium, Mountain Grape (Mahonia).

Botanical name: 
Please read the introduction to Boericke's tinctures.

A remedy for the skin, chronic catarrhal affections, secondary syphilis. Hepatic torpor, lassitude and other evidences of incomplete metamorphosis; stimulates all glands and improves nutrition.
Head.--Sensation of a band just above ears. Bilious headache. "Scald head". Scaly eczema.
Face.--Acne. Blotches and pimples. Clears the complexion.
Stomach.--Tongue thickly coated, yellowish-brown; feels blistered. Burning in stomach. Nausea and hunger after eating.
Urine.--Stitching, crampy pains; thick mucus, and bright-red, mealy sediment.
Skin.--Pimply, dry, rough, scaly. Eruption on scalp extending to face and neck. Tumor of breast, with pain. Psoriasis. Acne. Dry eczema. Pruritus. Glandular induration.
Relationship.--Carbol acid; Euonym; Berb vulg; Hydr.
Dose.--Tincture in rather material doses.

Boericke's Materia Medica, 1901, was written by William Boericke. Excerpt: The Tinctures.