Senna Indica, B.P. Indian Senna.

Botanical name: 

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Synonym.—Tinnevelly Senna.

Indian senna consists of the leaflets of C. angustifolia, Vahl., cultivated in India. The leaflets of Indian senna are from 2.5 to 5 centimetres long, yellowish-green in colour, lanceolate, less conspicuously asymmetrical and less pubescent than Alexandrina senna, from which they may also be distinguished by their flatness, due to their having been packed by hydraulic pressure, and by their distinctive odour. They otherwise resemble Alexandrian senna.

Constituents and Uses.—The constituents and uses of Indian Senna are the same as those of Alexandrian senna.

The British Pharmaceutical Codex, 1911, was published by direction of the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.