Quininae Formas. Quinine Formate.

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C21H26N2O4 = 370.228.

Quinine formate, C20H25N2O2HCCOH, is a basic salt, and may be prepared by combining formic acid with the proper proportion of quinine. It is also known under the name Chinoform or Quinoform. It occurs in white, crystalline, silky needles, much less bitter than the sulphate. Melting-point, 109°. Rotation -144.2°. The aqueous solution does not become dissociated, and is alkaline in reaction. It is one of the most soluble salts of quinine, and contains 87.56 per cent. of the alkaloid. The neutral salt is not used in medicine on account of its instability.

Soluble in water (1 in 19), soluble also in alcohol and in chloroform, very slightly soluble in ether, insoluble in oils.

Action and Uses.—Quinine formate may be administered in solution, or enclosed in cachets , and is used in the preparation of various compounded medicines. It has also been employed by hypodermic injection.

Dose.—½ to 6 decigrams (1 to 10 grains).

The British Pharmaceutical Codex, 1911, was published by direction of the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.