Liquor Cocci, B.P.C. Solution of Cochineal.

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Synonym.—Liquid Cochineal.

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Cochineal, bruised 10.00 | 2 ounces
Potassium Carbonate 1.00 | 87 ½ grains
Potassium Citrate 10.00 | 2 ounces
Alcohol 20.00 | 4 fl. ounces
Distilled Water to 100.00 | to 20 fl. ounces

Dissolve the potassium carbonate in 60 (12 fluid ounces) of the distilled water, and digest the bruised cochineal in the solution oil a water-bath for three hours or until exhausted; then strain, cool, add the alcohol and potassium citrate, and make up to the required volume with distilled water. The product is a somewhat thick, dark crimson liquid.

Solution of cochineal is used to colour mixtures, lotions, mouth washes, etc., and it is also employed in culinary operations. It imparts a rose-pink or crimson colour to neutral or alkaline liquids, and a scarlet colour to acid liquids. This solution mixes more readily, and imparts a more brilliant colour, than ordinary solutions of cochineal. If desired the alcohol may be replaced by glycerin (see Glycerinum Cocci). The glycerin of cochineal will be found preferable in certain cases.

The British Pharmaceutical Codex, 1911, was published by direction of the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.