Extractum Malti Liquidum, B.P.C., Liquid Extract of Malt.

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Extract of Malt, by volume 67.50 | 13 ½ fl. ounces
Alcohol 7.50 | 1 ½ fl. ounces
Distilled Water ... to 100.00 | to 20 fl. ounces

Mix the alcohol with 25 (5 fluid ounces) of the water, dilute the extract of malt with the mixture, and add sufficient distilled water to produce 100 (20 fluid ounces). Allow the liquid extract to stand till clear, then decant or syphon off the clear liquid. Specific gravity about 1.2. This preparation may also be made by concentrating an aqueous infusion of malt by evaporation in vacuo, and adding the alcohol when the specific gravity of the liquid is about 1.275. Another method is to extract malt in coarse powder by percolation with alcohol diluted with three times its volume of water, allowing the percolation to proceed until the weight of the product is equivalent to three-fourths the weight of the malt originally taken.
Dose.—4 to 15 mils (1 to 4 fluid drachms).

The British Pharmaceutical Codex, 1911, was published by direction of the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.