Lamellae. Discs.


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Synonym.—Eye Discs.

Discs are cut or stamped out of thin sheets or films, prepared with a glycerinated gelatin basis, and contain definite quantities of various medicaments, for use in eye-treatment, a disc being placed with a small camel-hair brush on the inner surface of the lower lid, where it almost immediately dissolves in the lachrymal secretion. The gelatin basis from which the discs are made is prepared as follows:

Gelatin 16.50 | 3 ¼ ounces
Glycerin 1.25 1.25 | 120 minims
Distilled Water 82.25 | 16 ½ fl. ounces.

Boil and cool the distilled water, add the glycerin, and allow the gelatin to soak in the mixture until softened; then heat gently until solution is effected, and strain through muslin. The basis thus obtained is medicated by melting 5 grammes (80 grains) of it, and adding a solution of the required medicament in the smallest possible quantity of recently, boiled and cooled distilled water. The medicated gelatin is then poured upon a sheet of plate glass, which has been coated thinly with white beeswax, and heated to about 38°, the film being confined by means of a shape cut out of thick writing paper, so as to cover a surface about 100 millimetres (4 inches) square. When solidified, the film is allowed to dry upon the glass, after which it is detached and cut into discs, about 3 ½ millimetres (1/7 inch) in diameter, by means of a suitable punch. Eye discs should be prepared and kept in an aseptic atmosphere.

Lamellae Adreninae, B.P.C. ADRENINE EYE DISCS.
Adrenine ⅔ milligram (1/100 grain).
Lamellae Duboisinae, B.P.C. DUBOISINE EYE DISCS.
Duboisine Sulphate 1/80 milligram (1/5000 grain)
Lamellae Pilocarpinae, B.P.C. PILOCARPINE EYE DISCS.
Pilocarpine Nitrate 2/30 milligram (1/400 grain)
Lamellae Zinci Sulphatis, B.P.C. ZINC SULPHATE EYE DISCS.
Zinc Sulphate ¼ milligram (1/250 grain).

The British Pharmaceutical Codex, 1911, was published by direction of the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.