Aqua Rosae, B.P. Rose Water.

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Rose water (Aqua Rosae Fortior, U.S.P.; Stronger Rose Water) is obtained by distilling the flowers of Rosa damascena, Linn. (N.O. Rosaceae), with water. It should be diluted with twice its volume of distilled water immediately before use, unless otherwise specified. Aqua Rosae, U.S.P., is prepared by mixing equal volumes of stronger rose water and distilled water.

Action and Uses.—Rose water is prescribed in lotions for its fragrant odour, and as a mild astringent. It is a constituent of Mistura Ferri Composita, and is used as a flavouring agent in the preparation of the B.P. rose basis for lozenges.


Galen's Cerate

Aqua Mellis, B.P.C.—HONEY WATER.
Oil of bergamot, 0.78; oil of lavender, 0.26; oil of cloves, 0.26; oil of sandal wood, 0.05; tincture of musk, 1.56; tincture of saffron, 0.78; rose water (undiluted), 15; orange-flower water (undiluted), 15; honey, 0.50; alcohol, to 100.
Unguentum Aquae Rosae, B.P.—ROSE WATER OINTMENT.
Rose water, undiluted, 70; white beeswax, 15; spermaceti, 15; almond oil, 90; oil of rose, 0.17.
Unguentum Aquae Rosae, U.S.P.—ROSE WATER OINTMENT.
Spermaceti, 12.5; white wax, 12; expressed oil of almond, 56; sodium borate, 0.5; stronger rose water, 19.

The British Pharmaceutical Codex, 1911, was published by direction of the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.