Solvellae Antisepticae, B.P.C., Soluble Antiseptic Tablets.

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Synonym.—Antiseptic Dental Tablets.

Benzoic Acid, in fine powder1.29grammes | 20 grains
Boric Acid, in fine powder 48.60grammes | 750 grains
Phenol 1.62gramme | 25 grains
Sodium Bicarbonate 8.10grammes | 125 grains
Gum Acacia, in powder 8.10grammes | 125 grains
Carmine 0.13gramme | 2 grains
Gluside 0.26gramme | 4 grains
Thymol 0.13gramme | 2 grains
Oil of Peppermint 1.50mils | 25 minims
Oil of Gaultheria 9.00mils | 15 minims
Distilled Water, a sufficient quantity.

Mix the solid ingredients, add the oils, granulate with the distilled water, and dry the granules by spreading them in a thin layer on paper, and exposing them for one hour at a temperature of 45°; then compress into 100 tablets, one of which should be dissolved in a wineglassful of warm water for use in cases of dental caries and suppuration, or as a mouth wash.

The British Pharmaceutical Codex, 1911, was published by direction of the Council of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain.