Chrysanthemum Leucanthemum. Ox Eye Daisy, White Weed.

Botanical name: 

Synonym: Leucanthemum Vulgare.

Description: Natural Order, Compositae. This is the common field or meadow daisy so abundant in many sections, and so obnoxious to farmers. It is a perennial herb, with an erect and nearly branchless stem from one to two feet high; a large and single capitum of flowers terminating the stem. Heads radiate; rays numerous, white; disks yellow, crowded, flattened; involucre broad, flat, imbricated, with rusty-brown margins. Leaves few, mostly at the base of the stem, small, alternate, cut pinnatifid; radical ones petioled, cauline ones amplexicaul. July .

Properties and Uses: The flower heads of this plant are almost the same in qualities as the anthemis nobilis. I have not used them extensively, but am satisfied they will make a remedy similar to the camomile as atonic and antispasmodic. In Central New York it was a popular family remedy for recent colds; and a warm infusion will secure a full perspiration, with capillary stimulation. As a tonic, it seems best suited for nervous depression and hysteria.

The Physiomedical Dispensatory, 1869, was written by William Cook, M.D.
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