We are pleased to announce that we have matured most desirable arrangements for special papers from among the most celebrated members of the medical, as well as other, professions.

The second number will contain contributions from the following eminent authorities: Prof. Roberts Bartholow, Philadelphia; Prof. E. M. Hale, Chicago; Prof. J. M. Scudder, Cincinnati; and Prof. John King, Cincinnati.

The micro-drawings and descriptions will be produced by Louisa Reed Stowell, and the illustrations of plants, sections, crystals, etc., etc., by J. A. Knapp. Dr. Fred. Hoffman, of New York, and Virgil Coblentz, of Springfield, will contribute on special subjects. The next number, containing Hepatica and Hydrastis, will, we think, be of unusual interest.


J. U. & C. G. LLOYD.

Drugs and Medicines of North America, 1884-1887, was written by John Uri Lloyd and Curtis G. Lloyd.