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Synonym—Ammonium Sulpho-Ichthyolate.

Therapy—The specific influence of the agent has not been determined. It is an alterative agent for both external and internal use.

Hare recommends it highly in the treatment of acute articular rheumatism. He applies an ointment to the inflamed area which contains two drams of ichthyol and twenty drops of the oil of citronella to an ounce of adeps. This is applicable in severe sprains of the joints, and injuries of that character. The agent is widely used, also, in chronic rheumatism and in gouty conditions.

This same ointment is applied to erysipelas with equally good results in all cases.

In lymphatic indurations and chronic scrofulous enlargements it is a serviceable application; also in other glandular conditions with chronic enlargement. It is used extensively in the treatment of skin diseases,—ulcers of various kinds, urticaria, acne, intertrigo, eczema and psoriasis. It has been extolled in lupus, in epithelioma and in keloid also.

It is used to good advantage in chilblains, frost bites, burns, contusions, and in slowly healing wounds.

A foreign physician employed ichthyol in eighteen cases of variola, only two of which were fatal. From the time the papules appeared until the pustules disappeared, a pomade was applied, made of one part of ichthyol to two parts of lanolin, and six parts of the oil of sweet almonds. The results were highly satisfactory.

Dr. Langford depends upon ichthyol to control suppuration.

Dr. Courtright of Illinois used ichthyol as a local application in eczema and erysipelas. One patient with moist eczema covering almost the entire body and limbs was finally radically cured by this substance. He used it with good results in scrotal eczema. In doses from one to ten minims it may be given for cough and bronchial troubles with throat complications.

The American Materia Medica, Therapeutics and Pharmacognosy, 1919, was written by Finley Ellingwood, M.D.
It was scanned by Michael Moore for the Southwest School of Botanical Medicine.