Chapter 2. List of Plants Having Medicinal Value.

The list of American Weeds and Plants as published under above heading having medicinal value and the parts used will be of especial value to the beginner, whether as a grower, collector or dealer.

The supply and demand of medicinal plants changes, but the following have been in constant demand for years. The name or names in parenthesis are also applied to the root, bark, berry, plant, vines, etc., as mentioned:

Balm Gilead (Balsam Poplar) The Buds.
Bayberry (Wax-Myrtle) The Bark of Root.
Black Cohosh (Black Snake Root) The Root with Rootlets.
Black Haw (Viburnum. Sloe.) The Bark of Root.
The Bark of Tree.
Black Indian Hemp (Canadian Hemp) The Root.
Blood Root The Root with Fibre.
The Root with no Fibre.
Blue Cohosh (Papoose Root. Squaw Root) The Root.
Blue Flag (Larger Blue Flag) The Root.
Burdock The Root.
The Seed.
Cascara Sagrada (Chittem Bark) Bark of Tree.
Clover, Red The Blossoms.
Corn Silk
Cotton Root The Bark of Root.
Cramp Root (Cranberry Tree. High Bush Cranberry) The Bark of Tree.
Culvers Root (Black Root) The Root.
Dandelion The Root.
Deer Tongue The Leaves.
Elder The Dried Ripe Berries.
The Flowers.
Elecampane The Root, cut into slices.
Elm (Slippery Elm) The Bark, deprived of the brown, outside layer.
Fringe Tree The Bark of Root.
Gelsemium (Yellow Jasmine) (Carolina jasmine) The Root.
Ginseng The Root.
Golden Seal (Yellow Root. Yellow Puccoon. Orange Root. Indian Dye. Indian Turmeric) The Root.
Gold Thread (Three-leaved Gold Thread) The Herb.
Hops These should be collected and packed in such a manner as to retain all of the yellow powder (lupulin.)
Hydrangea The Root.
Indian Hemp, Black (See Black Indian Hemp)
Lady Slipper (Moccasin-Flower. Large Yellow Lady Slipper. American Valerian) The Root, with Rootlets.
Lobelia (Indian Tobacco) The Herb.
The Seed.
Mandrake (May-apple) The Root.
Nettle The Herb.
Passion Flower The Herb.
Pipsissewa (Prince's Pine) The Vine.
Poke The Berries.
The Root.
Prickly Ash (Toothache Tree. Angelica Tree. Pepper Wood. Tea Ash) The Bark.
The Berry.
Sassafras The Bark of the Root.
The Pith.
Saw Palmetto The Berries.
Scullcap The Herb.
Snake Root, Virginia (Birthwort-Serpentaria) The Root.
Snake Root, Canada (Asarabacca. Wild Ginger. "Coltfoot Root") The Root.
Spruce Gum.... Clean Gum only.
Squaw Vine (Partridge Berry). The Herb.
Star Root (See Unicorn False).
Star Grass (See Unicorn True).
Stillingia (Queen's Delight) . The Root.
Stramonium (Jamestown-weed. Jimson-weed. Thorn-apple) The Leaves.
The Seed.
Fig. 4. Senega Snake Root (Cultivated) in Blossom.
Unicorn True (Star Grass. Blazing Star. Mealy Starwort. Colic Root) The Root.
Unicorn False (Star Root. Starwort) The Root.
Wahoo (Strawberry Tree. Indian Arrow. Burning Bush. Spindle Tree. Pegwood. Bitter The Bark of Root.
The Bark of Tree.
White Pine (Deal Pine. Soft Deal Pine) The Bark of Tree, Rossed.
Wild Cherry The thin Green Bark, and thick Bark Rossed.
The dried Cherries.
Wild Indigo (Horsefly Weed. Rattle-bush. Indigo Weed. Yellow Indigo. Clover Broom) The Root.
Wormseed, American (Stinking Weed. Jesuit Tea. Jerusalem Tea. Jerusalem Oak) The Seed.
Wild Yam (Colic Root. China Root. Devil's Bones) The Root.
Yellow Dock (Sour Dock. Narrow Dock. Curled Dock) The Root.

The following are used in limited quantities only:

Arbor Vitae (White Cedar) The Leafy Tips.
Balmony (Turtle-head. Snakehead) The Herb, free from large stalks.
Beth Root (Trillium Erectum. Wake Robin. Birth-root) The Root.
Birch Bark (Cherry Birch. Sweet Birch. Black Birch. The Bark of Tree.
Black Root (see Culvers root)
Blackberry (High Blackberry) The Bark of Root.
Black Willow The Bark.
The Buds.
Boneset (Thoroughwort) The Herb, free from large stems.
Broom Corn The Seed.
Broom Top (Scotch Broom) The Flowering Tops.
Bugle Weed (Water Horehound) The Herb, free from large stems.
Butternut Bark of Root.
Catnip The Herb.
Chestnut while still green. The Leaves, collected in September or October
Chicory (Succory) The Root, cut into slices (Cross section.)
Corn Ergot (Corn Smut) The Fungus, replacing the grains of corn.
False Bittersweet (Shrubby Bittersweet. Climbing Bittersweet Wax-wort. Stafftree) The Bark of Tree.
Garden Lettuce The Leaves.
Geranium (Cranesbill) The Root of the wild Herb.
"Gravel Plant" (May Flower. Ground Laurel. Trailing Arbutus) The Leaves.
Great Celandine (Garden Celandine) Entire plant.
Hellebore, False (Adonis Vernalis) The Root.
Hemlock The Bark.
The Gum.
Horse Nettle The Berries.
The Root.
Huckleberry The Dried Berry.
Life Everlasting (Common Everlasting. Cudweed) The Herb.
Life Root Plant (Rag-wort) The Herb.
Lovage The Root.
Maiden Hair The Fern.
Milkweed (Pleurisy Root) The Root cut into Sections lengthwise.
Motherwort The Herb.
Mountain Ash (Mountain Laurel (See Sheep Laurel). The Bark of Tree.
Mullein (Common Mullein) The Leaves.
Pennyroyal The Herb.
Peppermint The Leaves. The Herb.
Pitcher Plant (Side-Saddle Plant, Fly Trap. Huntsman Cup. Water Cup) The Plant.
Plantain (Rib-grass. Rib-wort. Ripple-grass) The Leaves.
Poison Oak (Poison Ivy) The Leaves.
Pumpkin The Seed.
Queen of the Meadow (Joe-Pye Wood. Trumpet-Weed) The Root.
Ragweed (Wild Red Raspberry) The Leaves.
Rosinweed (Polar plant. Compass plant) The Root.
Rue The Herb.
Sage The Leaves.
Scouring Rush (Horsetail). The Herb.
Sheep Laurel (Laurel. Mountain Laurel. Broad-leafed Laurel. Calico Bush. Spoon Wood) The Leaves.
Sheep Sorrel (Field Sorrel) The Leaves.
Shepherd's Purse The Herb.
Skunk Cabbage The Root.
Spikenard The Root.
Stone Root The Root.
Tag Alder The Bark.
Tansy The Herb.
Trailing Arbutus. See Gravel Plant
Veratrum Viride (Green Hellebore. American Hellebore) The Root.
Vervain (Blue Vervain) The Herb.
Virginia Stone Crop (Dutch Stone) The Herb.
Wafer Ash (Hop Tree. Swamp Dogwood. Stinking Ash. Scrubby Trefoil. Ague Bark) The Bark of Root.
Water Avens (Throat Root. Cure All. Evan's Root. Indian Chocolate. Chocolate Root. Bennett Root) The Root.
Water Eryngo (Button Snake Root. Corn Snake Root. Rattle Snake's Weed) The Root.
Water Hemlock (Spotted Parsley. Spotted Hemlock. Poison Parsley. Poison Hemlock. Poison Snake Weed. Beaver Poison) The Herb.
Watermelon The Seed.
Water Pepper (Smart Weed. Arsmart) The Herb.
Water Ash The Bark of Tree.
White Oak (Tanners Bark) The Bark of Tree, Rossed.
White Ash The Bark of Tree.
White Poplar (Trembling Poplar. Aspen. Quaking Aspen) The Bark of Tree.
Wild Lettuce (Wild Opium Lettuce. Snake Weed. Trumpet Weed) The Leaves.
Wild Turnip (Indian Turnip. Jack-in-the-Pulpit. Pepper Turnip. Swamp Turnip) The Root, sliced.
Fig. 3. Indian Turnip. (Wild)
Wintergreen (Checkerberry. Partridge Berry. Teaberry. Deerberry) The Leaves.
Witch Hazel (Striped Alder. Spotted Alder. Hazelnut) The Bark.
The Leaves.
Yarrow (Milfoil. Thousand Leaf) The Herb.
Yellow Parilla (Moon Seed. Texas Sarsaparilla) The Root.
Yerba Santa (Mountain Balm. Gum Plant. Tar Weed) The Leaves

Ginseng and Other Medicinal Plants, 1936, was written by A. R. Harding.