The Balsam of Capivi-Tree.

Arbor balsamifera fructu monospermo.

THIS is a large tree. The wood is of a red colour, and fine grain; the bark is brown; the leaves are broad, short, and pointed at the end, and are of a dark green on the upper side, and a mealy white underneath. The flowers are as large as apple blossoms, and of a pale colour; the fruit is a pod containing only one seed, which is as big as a nut. and the kernel is sweet and of a good taste.

The tree is frequent in the Brasils. We use no part of it, but only the balsam which runs out at wounds they make in the trunk in summer; it is thin like oil. It has the same virtues with turpentine, but is more powerful; it is excellent in the whites, and it is good in all complaints of the urinary passages. It may be taken alone on sugar.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.