The Cassia Caryophythata, or Clove Bark Tree.

Cassia caryophythata.

THIS is a large and beautiful tree, frequent in South America. The trunk is covered with a dusky bark, the branches with one that is paler coloured and more smooth. The leaves are like those of our bay-tree, only larger, and when bruised, they have a very fragrant smell: the flowers are small and blue, and have a white eye in the middle.

The only part of this tree used in medicine, is the inner bark of the branches. This is brown, thin, and rolled up like cinnamon; it is hard in colour, of a spicy smell, and in taste it has a mixed flavour of cinnamon and cloves, and is very hot and pungent.

It is good in disorders of the stomach, and in colics, but it is not so much used as it deserves.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.