The Cassumunar Plant.

Botanical name: 


A COMMON plant of the East Indies, but of which we do not seem to have yet so perfect a description as might be wished. Its leaves are large, long, and like those of our flags, and they involve one another in a singular manner about their bases. The flowers are small, and they are in shape some what like those of certain of our orchises. They are mottled with purple and yellow: the seed is little and brown, the root creeps under the surface of the ground, and is of a yellow colour, and fragrant smell, and of a warm taste.

The root is used: we have it at the druggists. It is of the same nature with zedoary, and has by some been called the yellow zedoary. It is a very good medicine in nervous and hysteric complaints. It is warm and strengthening to the stomach: it is remarkably good against the head-ach and in fevers. It operates quick by urine and by sweat.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.