The Cistus Shrub.

Botanical name: 

from which labdanum is procured.

Cistus ladanifera.

A VERY pretty shrub, frequent in the Greek islands, and in other warm climates. It is two or three feet high, very much branched, and has broad leaves, and beautiful large flowers. The trunk is rough; the twigs are reddish; the leaves are almost of the shape of those of sage; they stand two at every joint, and are of a dark green colour. The flowers are of the breadth of half a crown, and of a pale red colour. The gum labdanum is procured from this shrub, and is its only produce used in medicine. This is an exudation discharged from the leaves in the manner of manna, more than of any thing else. They get it off by drawing a parcel of leather thongs over the shrubs. It is not much used, but it is a good cephalic.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.