Goat's Rue.

Botanical name: 


A tall plant, native of Italy, but kept with up in gardens. It grows a yard high. The stalks are round, striated, hollow, not very firm, or strong, and of a pale green colour: they are very much branched, and not altogether upright. The leaves are long and large, each is composed of several pairs of smaller leaves, with an odd one at the end of the rib; these are oblong, narrow, and of a yellowish green colour, thin, and not at all indented at the edges. The flowers are small, and of a bluish and whitish colour; they stand a great many upon the same pedicle, in a drooping posture.

The whole plant is used. It is to be gathered when just come to flower, and dried, and afterwards given in infusion: this gently promotes sweat, and is good in fevers; so much is true of the virtues of this plant, but much more has been said of it.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.