Botanical name: 


A very pretty garden plant, kept for its virtues. It grows two feet high. The stalks are square, robust, upright, and of a pale green colour. The leaves stand two at each joint; they are long, narrow, pointed at the ends, and of a bright green colour. The flowers are small, and they stand in long spikes, at the tops of the branches; they are of a beautiful blue colour. The whole plant has a strong, but not disagreeable smell.

Hyssop is to be gathered when just beginning to flower, and dried: the infusion made in the manner of tea, is not unpleasant, and is the best way of taking it: it is excellent against coughs, hoarsenesses, and obstructions in the breast. A strong infusion made into a syrup with honey, is excellent for the same purposes, mixed with an equal quantity of oil of almonds.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.