The Indian Leaf Tree.

Botanical name: 


A tall and beautiful tree of the East Indies, not unlike the cinnamon tree in its manner of growth. The trunk is as thick as our elms, and it grows as tall, but the branches are disposed with less regularity; the wood is brittle, and the young shoots are of a pale brown. The leaves are very large, nine inches long, and seven in breadth, and not at all indented. The flowers stand in clusters on the tops of the branches; they are small and greyish, and the fruit is of the bigness of our ed currant. It is common in the mountainous parts of the east.

These leaves are the part used, we have them dried at the druggists, but they commonly keep them till they are decayed. It is an aromatic medicine, it strengthens the stomach, and is good in nervous disorders.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.