Noble Liverwort, or Hepatica.

Botanical name: 

Hepatica nobilis.

A common garden flower, which makes a very pretty figure in spring, and is little regarded, except as an ornament in our borders; though it is not without considerable virtues. The leaves are supported each on a single foot-stalk, white, slender, and reddish, they are near an inch broad, and of the same length, and divided each into three parts. The flowers rise early in the spring, before these appear; they also stand singly on long foot-stalks, and are moderately large and blue, with a greenish head in the middle, the root is fibrous.

An infusion of the leaves of this plant is good against obstructions of the liver and spleen; it works gently by urine, and is a good medicine in the jaundice, taking it in time.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.