Vervain Mallow.

Botanical name: 

Plate 33. Also see: Common Mallow - Marsh Mallow - Vervain Mallow - Musk Mallow


A very beautiful plant, both in its flower and manner of growth; common in pastures, and worthy to be cherished in our gardens. It grows two feet high. The stalks are round, moderately thick, a little hairy, and very upright. The lower leaves are rounded, and divided slightly at the edges: those on the stalk are cut into very small parts, and in a very beautiful manner. The flowers are of a very bright red, and are three times as large as those of the common mallow, and very beautiful. The seeds are disposed in the same circular manner, as in the common mallow. The root is white.

The root is the part used. It has the same virtue with that of the common mallow, but in a less degree The leaves also have the same virtue, and are very pleasant taken in tea.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.