Syrian Mastic Thyme.

Botanical name: 

(Some Teucriums contain livertoxic neo-clerodane diterpenoids. Their use is discouraged. --Henriette.)

Marum Syriacum.

A beautiful little plant, native of the warm countries, but not unfrequent in our gardens. It grows a foot high. The stalks are brittle, slender, and whitish. The leaves stand two at each joint: they are small, in shape very like those of thyme, and of a pale green colour on the upper side, and white and hoary underneath. The flowers are small and red: they grow in a kind of little spikes, or oblong clusters at the tops of the stalks, and have hoary white cups. The whole plant has a very penetrating, but pleasant smell, and an aromatic taste. Cats are fond of this plant, and will rub it to pieces in their fondness. It is good for all disorders of the head and nerves: it may be given in powder but the most common way is to take it in snuff.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.