Colic Nard.

Botanical name: 

Nardus celtica.

A little plant of the valerian kind, frequent in many parts of Europe, but not a native of England. It is six or eight inches in height; the stalks are round, striated, and greenish: the leaves at the bottom are oblong, narrow at the base, and rounded at the end, and of a yellowish green colour. Those on the stalks stand in pairs; they are small and deeply cut; the flowers stand in a little cluster at the top of the stalk; they are small and white: the root is long, slender, and creeping.

The root is the part used; our druggists keep it dry. It is best taken in infusion. It operates by urine, and in some degree by sweat, but that very moderately: it is commended in fevers and in the jaundice.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.