Wild Navew.

Botanical name: 


The plant which produces what we call rape seed, and in some places cole-seed. Though wild on our ditch banks; it is sown in some places for the sake of its seed, from which an oil is made for mechanical purposes. The plant is two or three feet high; the stalk is round, upright, smooth, thick, firm, and of a pale green, the lower leaves are long and narrow, very deeply divided at the edges, and of a pale or bluish green colour. Those on the stalk are of the same colour, but small, narrow, and a little divided: the flowers are small, and of a bright yellow. The pods are long, and the seeds are round, large, and black; they are of a somewhat hot and sharp taste. The seeds are used for the same purposes as the other, and are supposed to have more virtue, but probably neither have much.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.