Macedonian Parsly.

Botanical name: 

Petroselinum Macedonicum,

Also see: Parsly - Macedonian Parsly.

A plant kept in some of our gardens. It is two feet high. The stalk is slender, branched, and hairy. The leaves are composed of many parts, and those are small and rounded: those on the upper part of the stalk are more finely divided. The flowers are small and white, like those of common parsly; and they stand like them, in clusters on the tops of the stalks. The seeds are small, somewhat hairy, and of a dusky colour.

The seed is used; and it is best given in powder. It operates powerfully by urine, and it is good against stoppages of the menses, and in the gravel and colics, arising from that cause. It is also recommended against the dropsy and jaundice.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.