The Long Pepper Plant.

Botanical name: 

Piper longum.

Also see: Black Pepper - White Pepper - Long Pepper - Jamaica Pepper - Guinea Pepper.

An American plant, in some degree resembling the other peppers in its general growth, but not at all in its fruit. The stalk is round, thick, jointed, and of a deep green colour: it is not able to support itself but climbs upon bushes. The leaves are long and narrow: they stand one at each joint, upon long foot stalks. The flowers grow upon the outside of the fruit (Probably not. -Henriette: they are small and inconsiderable. The fruit, which is what we call long pepper, is an inch and a half long, and as thick as a large quill, marked with spiral lines, and divided into cells; within, in each of which is a single seed.

This has the same virtues with the common black pepper, but in a less degree; it is not so hot and acrid, and therefore will be borne upon the stomach when that cannot. It is excellent to assist digestion, and prevent colics.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.