The Pine Tree.

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Also see: The Pine Tree - The Wild Pine Tree

A large and beautiful tree, native of Italy, but kept in our gardens. We have a wild kind of pine in the North, called Scotch fir, but it is not the same tree. The trunk of the true pine is covered with a rough brown bark, the branches with a smoother, and more reddish. The leaves are long and slender, and they grow always two from the same base, or out of the same sheath, they are of a bluish green colour, and are a little hollowed on the inside: the flowers are small and inconsiderable; they stand in a kind of tufts on the branches; the fruit are cones of a brown colour, large, long, and blunt at the top. These contain between the scales certain white kernels of a sweet taste, and covered with a thin shell.

These kernels are the part used, and they are excellent in consumptions, and after long illness, given by way of restorative. An emulsion may be made by beating them up with barley water, and this will be of the same service with common emulsions for heat of urine.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.