Meadow Saxifrage.

Botanical name: 

Plate 42. Seseli pratense

A wild plant also, but though known by the same English name with the other, very different in form and flower. It grows to more than two feet in height. The stalks are round, deeply striated, of a dark green colour, and considerably branched. The leaves are large, but they are divided into a multitude of fine narrow segments. The flowers stand at the tops of the stalks in little umbels or round clusters, and they are small and yellow. The root is brown, long, and slender, and is of an aromatic and acrid taste.

The root is used: it is best fresh taken up. Given in a strong infusion, it works powerfully by urine, and brings away gravel. It also eases those colics, which are owing to the same cause.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.