Common Service Tree.

Botanical name: 

Sorbus vulgaris.

A large tree and very beautiful, its growth being regular, and the leaves of an elegant shape; the bark of the trunk is greyish, and tolerably smooth; on the branches it is brown: the leaves are single, large, and of a rounded figure, but divided into five, six, or seven parts, pretty deeply, and serrated round the edges; they are of a bright green on the upper part and whitish underneath. The flowers are little and yellowish, and they grow in clusters; the fruit is small and brown when ripe. It grows in bunches.

The unripe fruit of this service is excellent against purgings, but it can only be had recourse to when in season, for there is no way of preserving the virtue in them all the year.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.