Title page.

The Family Herbal

Or an account of all those
English Plants,
which are
remarkable for their virtues,
and of the drugs
which are produced by
vegetables of other countries;
with their
descriptions and their uses,
as proved by experience.

Directions for the gathering and preserving roots, herbs, flowers, and seeds; the various methods of preserving these simples for present use; receipts for making distilled waters, conserves, syrups, electuaries, juleps, draughts, &c. &c. with necessary cautions in giving them.

Intended for the use of families.

By Sir John Hill, M.D.
F. R. A. of Sciences at Bourdeaux.

Embellished with
Fifty-four Coloured Plates.

Bungay: Printed and Published by C. Brightly,
And T. Kinnersley.


The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.