The Winter's Bark Tree.

Botanical name: 

Also see: The Canel Bark-Tree, called the Winter's Bark-Tree.

Cortex winteranus.

A BARK called by many winter's bark, has been already described under its true name canella alba; in this place we are to inquire into the true winter's bark, called by many writers cinnamon. The tree which affords it is a tree of twenty feet high, very spreading, and full of branches, the bark is grey on the outside, and brown within. The leaves are two inches long, and an inch broad, small at the stalk, and obtuse at the end, and divided a little. The flowers are white and sweet-scented, the fruit is a small berry.

The bark is the part used, they send over the two rinds together: it is very fragrant and of a hot aromatic taste. It is a sudorific, and a cordial, and it is excellent against the scurvy.

The Family Herbal, 1812, was written by John Hill.