Gathering Herbs.

The time for gathering herbs is after they are fully developed and begin to fall back—not at the time of full bloom.

Drying.—Tie in small bunches and hang down over a wire line, in the shade, always out of damp and rain, and where a free current of air passes through them. They will then dry fresh and green, with all their medicinal properties intact.

Don't spread them on the floor or on the roof of any shed where they are exposed to sunshine and then rain, as this will destroy their nature.

Gathering Roots.

The time to gather roots is when the plant itself has died down again, generally in the late summer or in autumn.

Gathering Barks.

Barks should not be gathered by the novice, as each tree has its own specific suitable time.

Health from British Wild Herbs was written by Richard Lawrence Hool, N.A.M.H., in 1918.