This practical guide contains a selected number of the most common herbs which grow in this country. It has been designed at the request of a country clergyman to meet a long-felt want by country people for a book written in simple homely language, about the value of many plants which are commonly trodden underfoot, and considered as useless, but which nevertheless are most efficacious in the cure of disease; for, be it remembered, herbs are the natural provision made by a Beneficent Creator, both for man and beast when overtaken by disease; and it is worthy of note that man has become more diseased since he has discarded their use. This book will help a return to nature, and the herbs recommended in its pages will not leave "drug diseases" behind them, like minerals and poisons sometimes do.

Health from British Wild Herbs was written by Richard Lawrence Hool, N.A.M.H., in 1918.