Title page.

Common Plants and their Uses in Medicine.


Richard Lawrence Hool, F.N.A.M.H.

Explanatory Articles on the Treatment of Disease with Non-poisonous Herbal Remedies, also Short Biographical Notes.

Published by the Lancashire Branch of the N.A.M.H., through Subscriptions of its Members, together with those of a few friends.

"Ah, who shall say that fame
Is nothing but an empty name?
Why, in that sound there is a charm
The nerves to brace, ibe heart to warm,
As thinking of the mighty dead,
The youth from slothful couch will start,
And vow, with lifted hand outspread,
Like them to act a noble part."


Lancashire Branch of the National Association of Medical Herbalists, Ltd.,
53, Manchester Road, Bolton.

Printed at the "Visiter" Works, Tulketh Street, Southport.

Common Plants and their Uses in Medicine was written by Richard Lawrence Hool, F.N.A.M.H., in 1922.