Chapter V. Special Remedies for the Stomach and Intestinal Canal.

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About eclectic and homeopathic remedies.

In stomatitis I give ferri phos., third decimal trituration, five grains, with kali mur. third decimal trituration, five grains, in a cup of hot water. Dose, two teaspoonfuls every half hour.

In aphthea I give for babies subnitrate bismuth, second decimal trituration, one grain in a little water once an hour. If the mouth and gums are tender, saliva fetid and purulent, tongue coated, and ulcers on the mucous membrane, kali mur. is indicated. Put five grains of the third decimal trituration in a glass of water and give in teaspoonful doses every half hour. Apply solution of boro-glycerine locally to the sores in the mouth.

For ulcers in the mouth I have always depended upon chlorate potash, one-half drachm, and sulphate zinc, five grains in a goblet of warm water. I use this solution as a gargle and have the patient rinse out the mouth with it once an hour.

In glossitis, when there is a chill, burning and tingling sensation along the dorsum of the tongue, and it is swollen, dry, and red, great dryness of the mouth, everything tastes bitter, aconite is the remedy. Add five drops specific medicine aconite to four ounces of water and give a drachm every hour.

In dyspepsia when there is a lack of gastric juice, especially in old persons, with a heavy, sleepy feeling after meals, flatulence, diarrhea alternated with constipation, alnus rubra is the remedy. It will increase the gastric secretion and aid digestion. Alunin, first decimal trituration, three grains one-half hour before each meal. In dyspepsia with excessive acidity in the stomach, eructations of sour fluid that sets the teeth on edge, pain in the stomach, worse when empty, and relieved by taking food, you should prescribe tincture robinia pseud., giving five drops before each meal. When after eating the mind is dull, epigastrium bloated with pressure, like a stone in the stomach, sour taste, pyrosis, tightness about the waist, the patient is obliged to loosen the clothing, nux vomica is the remedy indicated. Give nux vomica, third decimal trituration, three tablets after each meal and at bedtime. In dyspepsia, where the indigestion is dependent upon a feeble condition of the muscles, mucous membrane and glands of the stomach, chelone glabra is the remedy. Give three tablets of the second decimal trituration once in three hours. In indigestion with large quantity of gas in the stomach, and bowels are badly bloated, the patient feels hungry, but a few mouthfuls "fill him up," belching does not bring relief, rumbling of gas in the bowels, feels sleepy after eating. In such cases you can prescribe lycopodium with great confidence. Give three tablets of the third decimal trituration once in two hours. Dyspepsia is our national disease. Americans eat too fast and too much, drink too much tea, that weakens the nerves and coats of the stomach. You cannot cure any form of indigestion if the patient will persist in tea drinking. Coffee should be cut out of the diet if it makes the patient feel sleepy or drowsy after drinking it.

Since I began the practice of medicine I have had one remedy that I depended upon more than any other, and have prescribed it for many patients in different parts of the country. I have never known it to fail to do the patient good. It is the best combination for dyspepsia.

Rx Pepsin (pure), ʒi.
Subnitrate bismuth, ʒi.
Tr. nux vomica, ʒss.
Comp. tr. Gentian, ℥vii.
Mix. Sig. One teaspoonful after meals in a little water (shake well).

In acute gastritis when there is intense thirst, dry, hot skin, great restlessness, tossing about in agony—a burning thirst for large quantities of water, aconite is the remedy. Prescribe twenty drops of the third decimal dilution in a half glass of water, giving one teaspoonful every hour. When there is great irritability of the stomach, patients call for cold drinks, but vomit them soon after drinking; the stomach becomes full, the tongue is coated white, a sensation of a load in the stomach, a sweetish or metallic taste in the mouth; there is often a painless diarrhea, and frequent micturition. In this condition subnitrate of bismuth is the remedy. Give five grains of the second decimal trituration every two hours. Ice pounded up in small pieces and fed to the patient will do much to allay the fever in the stomach.

In chronic gastritis argentum nitricum is the remedy when there is distress and tenderness in the epigastrium, flatulence, and vomiting large quantities of ropy mucus. Give five tablets of the sixth decimal trituration once in two hours. In many cases of the chronic form of this disease, when the patient complains of a burning sensation in the stomach, I give Fowler's solution of arsenic, two drops after each meal. In stubborn cases I have had good success with the following:

Rx Flu. ext. nux vomica, ʒss.
Lloyd's liquid hydrastis, ʒiv.
Glycerine, ℥i.
Aqua, q.s., ℥vi.
Mix. Sig. One teaspoonful before each meal and at bedtime.

In gastralgia, when there are cramping pains in the stomach, tincture melilotus alba, third decimal is the remedy, half teaspoonful in half a glass of water. Give in teaspoonful doses every half hour. I have had good success with oil gaultheria, given in twenty-drop doses on sugar; then repeat the dose in two hours if needed. When the pain is made worse by bending forward and by lying down, give sixty drops of tincture dioscorea in a wine-glass of hot water; repeat the dose in an hour if needed.

In gastric ulcer, when there is burning pain and flatulence, with vomiting, and the ulcer is near the pyloric extremity of the stomach, the third decimal trituration of nitrate uranium in three-grain doses four times a day will prove beneficial. In ulcer in the stomach when there is weight at the pit of the stomach, fullness and distress immediately after eating, vomiting of ropy mucus and blood (a condition often found in beer drinkers) the remedy is bi-chromate of potash, third decimal trituration, three tablets once in three hours. In gastric ulcer when the patient is anemic and chlorotic, and the pain is below the ensiform cartilage and extends through to the spine, argentium nitricum, sixth decimal trituration, is the remedy. Give three tablets once in two hours. When with ulceration of the stomach the tongue has a creamy, yellowish coating, with vomiting of sour acid fluids of a substance like coffee grounds, natrum phos., third decimal trituration, is the remedy. Add ten grains to a cup of water and give a teaspoonful every hour.

In hemorrhage of the stomach there is one remedy that leads all others. It is tincture geranium maculatum. One drachm given once an hour will arrest the hemorrhage. It also relieves the pain and distress of ulceration of the stomach and has cured many cases.

In catarrh of the stomach and bowels, when there is nausea day and night, with slimy discharge from the bowels, the smell of any kind of food, or the thought of it, is repulsive, nux vomica in small doses is curative. In 1882 I had the above symptoms. The usual remedies had failed. I was getting worse every day. A homeopathic pharmacist in Providence, R. I., prescribed tincture nux vomica, sixth decimal dilution, five drops once in two hours. It seemed to be the remedy needed in my case, and in a short time I was well and attending to my business.

Graphites is indicated where the stomach and bowels are greatly distended with gas of a putrid and rancid nature with cramping pains in the stomach that are relieved by eating. Give graphites, third decimal trituration, three tablets four times a day.

Appendicitis. In nine cases out of ten this condition is really obstruction of the bowels or intestinal indigestion. I have treated several cases that had been operated on for appendicitis, and the pain still remained. I treated them for intestinal indigestion and cured them. A case of cancer of the bowels came under my notice. The pain was in the left side, yet the surgeon insisted that it was a case of appendicitis. He operated on the man and found the appendix healthy, but discovered that it was a case of cancer of the bowels. It has been claimed that foreign bodies, like grape, plum, and cherry seeds, cause appendicitis. How can this be when the opening in the appendix is about as large as a pin head? We find that the base of the appendix at the lower point, its body and apex directed upwards and inwards, is held in position by a fold of peritoneum. Then how can seeds twice the size of the diameter of the appendix gravitate upwards into the lumen of the appendix and cause inflammation? The appendix is a glandular body with a lubricating substance to prevent any obstruction in the bowels when the contents are passing from the small intestine into the larger. The fraud practiced upon a confiding public by certain doctors will be apparent as we read and appreciate the above.

In my forty years' practice I have never lost a case of appendicitis, or have I ever seen a case that required an operation. In 1900 there were 5,111 deaths from appendicitis; almost every day we read of deaths from this condition following an operation. In appendicitis, when the bowels seem full of gas and a griping, twisting pain, I give tincture dioscorea, sixty drops in a wine-glass of hot water every hour until relieved. When there is soreness and tenderness of the right side, I give ferri phos,, third decimal trituration, and kali mur., third decimal trituration, five grains of each in a goblet of hot water, giving two teaspoonfuls once in a half hour. A hot flaxseed poultice should be applied over the painful part. If there seems to be some obstruction in the bowel, give an enema of one teaspoonful of salt in a pint of warm water, or a high enema of warm olive oil. A dose of castor oil will help to clear the bowels of any feces which may be lodged therein. For the persistent vomiting which some patients have, ipecac is the remedy. Give ipecac, third decimal dilution, fifteen drops in half a glass of water, teaspoonful every half hour.

In cholera morbus I have given the following remedy for the pain, vomiting, and purging of the bowels.

Rx Carb. Magnesia, ʒi.
Arom. Spts. Ammonia, ʒi.
Aqua Menth. Piperita, ℥iv.
Mix. Sig. One teaspoonful once an hour until relieved.

Apply mustard paste over the stomach and bowels; take it off as soon as the skin is red. This remedy, as given above, will check the vomiting and discharges from the bowels. To allay any nausea or irritation I usually give after the above mixture the following:

Rx Tr. Aconite, gtts. v.
Tr. Nux Vomica, gtts. x.
Aqua, ℥vi.
Mix. Sig. Teaspoonful once an hour.

I have never needed any other treatment than the above in all the years of my practice. I have seen patients so weak from the discharges that they would fall down on the floor, too exhausted to walk to the bed. I have never lost a case from this disease or ever had to prescribe any opiates or any kind of dope.

For proctitis, with a sense of fullness, burning, beating, and throbbing in the rectum, I have given tincture gelsemium, tincture collinsonia, a. a. gtts. xx, aqua six ounces. Mix. Sig. One teaspoonful every half hour for two hours; then a teaspoonful every hour. These two remedies have an especial affinity for the rectum, and will do what no other remedies will do in the above condition.

In proctalgia, with smarting pains in the rectum after stool, fissures at the anal orifice, pains in the rectum as if being torn, a feeling as if a sharp stick was in the rectum, give nitric acid, third decimal dilution, fifteen drops in half a glass of water. Teaspoonful once in two hours.

In dysentery I have been in the habit of prescribing:

Rx Tincture Aconite, gtts. x.
Sulph. Magnesia, grs. x.
Aqua, ℥vi.
Mix. Sig. Teaspoonful every hour.

If the stools have considerable blood in them I add ten drops tincture ipecac to the prescription. The above has been my treatment for acute dysentery, and it has always been successful.

In dysentery of old persons, when the stools are scanty and contain blood and mucus, with severe tenesmus and a low type of fever, I give tincture baptisia, gtts. xx. Aqua, four ounces. Mix. Sig. Teaspoonful once an hour.

In diarrhea where the discharges smell sour I give syr. rhei., half a teaspoonful once in two hours. In diarrhea, when the stools are profuse, very offensive, worse in the morning, and prolapse of the anus, podophyllum peltatum is the remedy. Put twenty drops of the sixth decimal dilution in half a glass of water, and direct your patient,to take a teaspoonful once in two hours. I have cured some bad cases presenting these symptoms with this remedy.

In chronic diarrhea, with dirty, watery discharges and colicky pains, tincture epilobium angustifolium is the remedy, ten drops once in three hours.

In prolapsus ani give three drops tincture aesculus hippo, before each meal and at bedtime. Make an ointment of one drachm ext. hamamelis virg. to an ounce of vaseline, and apply to the anus three times a day.

For fissure of the anus, where there is severe pain after each stool, with burning and tenesmus that lasts for some time, I prescribe tincture krameria, third decimal dilution, fifteen drops in half a glass of water, and order the patient to take a teaspoonful once in two hours. When in fissure of the anus there is itching and biting in the anus, fissures and ulcers are purple in color and covered with crusts, give ten drops tincture pseonia officinalis three times a day. As a local application for the fissure I like an ointment made by adding salicylic acid, grains xx to one ounce of vaseline. Mix and apply three times a day.

In hemorrhoids where there is dryness and heat in the rectum, and it feels as if it were filled with sticks, knife-like pains shoot up the rectum, severe dull backache in lumbo-sacral region, tincture aesculus hippo, is the remedy. Give it in three-drop doses once in two hours. When there is constipation alternating with diarrhea, bleeding from the hemorrhoids, great flatulence, sensation of a foreign body in the rectum, it feels as if it were full of sand, collinsonia is the indicated remedy. Put ten drops of collinsonia in half a glass of water and give a teaspoonful every two hours. In bleeding hemorrhoids, when the anus has a bruised, sore feeling, the tumors bleed profusely, with soreness, fullness, heaviness, back feels as if it would break off, hemorrhoids of a blue color, anus feels sore and raw, tincture hamamelis should be selected. Give it in five-drop doses three times a day. Each of the above remedies is claimed by some writers to be a cure for hemorrhoids, but the reader must keep in mind the definite indications of each remedy to be able to prescribe intelligently and successfully.

Where the parts are sore and sensitive, I apply the following ointment:

Rx Ext. Conium, grs. x.
Tannic Acid, grs. xii.
Morphine, grs. iv.
Vaseline, ℥i.
Mix. Sig. Apply to the parts night and morning.

Black molasses may be applied on absorbent cotton and pressed up against the anus. Let it remain there, after first anointing the hemorrhoids with the molasses and pushing them up into the rectum. Do this after each movement of the bowels. This is a simple remedy, but with it I have cured many cases of hemorrhoids.

Cholera Asiatica. An alcoholic bath is a good prophylactic to this disease, also tincture camphor in three-drop doses night and morning. For the diarrhea in the first stage give phosphoric acid, third decimal dilution. Add fifteen drops to half a glass of water and give a teaspoonful every half hour. In the following stage of the cholera where there are spasms of pain in the calves of the legs and painless diarrhea you should give five drops of tincture camphor in a wineglass of hot water with a little brandy every fifteen minutes until the patient gets warmed up and begins to perspire. This perspiration should be kept up for eight or ten hours. If there is headache add twenty drops of the third decimal dilution of tincture belladonna to a glass of water and give a teaspoonful every half hour. In the second stage, plenty of ice-cold water should be given to the patient. In the second stage when the cramps are in the lower extremeties, veratrum alba is the remedy. Put twenty drops of the first decimal dilution in half a glass of water and give a teaspoonful every half hour. In the second stage, when the cramps are in the bowels and breast, cuprum metalicum is the remedy, giving three grains of the third decimal trituration every hour. In the stage of collapse, with rapid sinking of the vital force, cold sweat on the forehead, face pale blue, features sunken, whole body icy cold, veratrum alba is the remedy indicated and should be given in the same doses as specified above.

Cholera Infantum. In this disease when there is vomiting of undigested food, the food passes from the bowels undigested, stools sour, small, frequent and bloody, cuphea viscosissima is the remedy. Give five drops of the tincture cuphea every hour. If in cholera infantum there is sudden and profuse vomiting, first the contents of the stomach, then like rice water, painful cramps and watery diarrhea with faintness, euphorbia corollata is the remedy. Add ten drops tincture euphorbia to a glass of water and order a teaspoonful to be given every hour. In this disease, when the child lies quiet, appears drowsy, there is tenesmus and slimy discharges streaked with blood, ferrum phos. 3x, is the remedy. My little girl was near death's door with this disease; nothing would stay on her stomach until we gave her some tomato soup, which she retained. This was the turning point in her case, as from that hour she began to recover. I have known of other cases where the tomato soup has made a change for the better.

Peritonitis. When there is a quick, bounding pulse, high fever, extreme restlessness, fear of death, sharp cutting pains in the whole abdomen, which is distended and sensitive, aconite is the remedy and the best results are obtained from the third decimal dilution. Twenty drops in half a glass of water, giving one teaspoonful every half hour. Apply over the abdomen a bag of hops and wormwood wet in hot vinegar, and change every half hour. Some writers tell us that the pulse of aconite is "small and quick"; this is a mistake. The pulse indicating aconite is a full bounding pulse. In my study of materia medica I do not take any man's "say so" for what a remedy will do. I test it in my own way and form my own conclusions from such testing. In many cases I have tested the remedies on myself in health and carefully noted the symptoms. In this way I have obtained the true effect upon the human system and therefore can judge what the remedy will do in diseased conditions.

Puerperal Peritonitis. Here I like tincture gelsemium and cimicifuga, twenty drops of each in a glass of water. I order a teaspoonful of this to be given every half hour and apply hops and wormwood steeped in vinegar over the abdomen; this application is to be changed every half hour. One of the worst cases I ever had was years ago in New Hampshire, in the winter, when the thermometer registered thirty degrees below zero. I had attended a lady in confinement and left her in good condition. During the next day she got out of bed and went and stood in the open door and talked with a neighbor until she was thoroughly chilled; her lochia stopped, and she bloated up as big as a woman at nine months. A messenger was sent for me about dark. When I arrived at the house I found a well-developed case of puerperal peritonitis,—a good case for the undertaker. I began treating the patient with remedies given above. I had a lady to assist me in keeping the bags of hops and wormwood hot, and changed them every fifteen minutes. It was a hard fight, but we won, and before morning the patient was out of danger and she got well.

In a case of acute general peritonitis in a lady fifty-six years old—a hard-working woman without much vitality to depend upon—I was at my "wits end" to know just what to do, for the text-books—my allopathic, homeopathic, and eclectic works on practice—told me that the prognosis was bad, "invariably fatal within a week." That was encouraging to a doctor who had his reputation to make in a community. I just reasoned it out like this. "Here is a case of inflammation, now why not treat it as such and cure it?" My biochemical practice taught me how to do it. I put five grains ferri phos., third decimal trituration, and five grains kali mur. third decimal trituration, in a cup of hot water, and gave one teaspoonful once in fifteen minutes for an hour, then every half hour. The hops and wormwood were applied as noted above. I made up my mind to "fight it out on that line." In twenty-four hours I knew I was master of the disease and the patient recovered, although the doctors near by said she "must die."

There will be times when your text-books will tell you that a certain diseased condition is "incurable," but don't let that discourage you; follow up your investigations until you find a remedy that will cure your patient. One cure of such a case will establish your reputation in a community. The world loves a man who can do things, but has no use for a man who folds his hands and says it "can't be done." Many a time I have taken cases and cured them when the verdict of "death" had been given out by some of my brother physicians, but I would not give up the fight as long as there was any life in them. We should remember that in some of the greatest battles of the world's history, victory has been snatched from apparent defeat by the general who would not be conquered.

In a case of muco-enteritis I was consulted by a physician who wished to know what could be done for the patient. She complained of a severe abdominal pain that drove her nearly frantic, with a muco-feculent discharge. I advised bi-chromate potash, third decimal trituration, two grains once in two hours. Under this treatment the patient got well.

Constipation. Persons who sit a good deal, do not exercise sufficiently, and, though there is frequent desire to have a movement of the bowels, pass only a small amount each time, will obtain good results from the use of nux vomica. Give three tablets of the third decimal trituration of the nux after each meal and at bedtime. In constipation where there is no desire for stool, bowels are inactive, the stools large, hard and dry, as if burnt, tincture bryonia is the remedy. Give three drops three times a day. If in constipation the stools are difficult of expulsion and straining causes flow of blood, leaves fissure and soreness of the anus, the natrum muriate will prove effectual. Give five grains of the second decimal trituration three times a day. In some cases I have had good results from tincture hydrastis, five drops before breakfast, especially in patients who lead a sedentary life or have been dosed with all kinds of pills. When in constipation there is a grayish-white coated tongue, light-colored stools, a torpid liver, and protruding eyeballs kali mur. will be found useful. Prescribe ten grains of the sixth decimal trituration at bedtime. The drinking of a glass of cold water the first thing in the morning will help to overcome the constipation. Again, put wheat bran in the oven; roast it as brown as you would coffee. Then mix with equal parts of sugar. Take three teaspoonfuls of this mixture in milk at breakfast time with your other food. It is one of the best things we have to overcome the constipation.

Intestinal Hemorrhage. In the treatment of this affection I have always depended upon five grains of charcoal once in three hours in capsules. Tincture ipecac, five drops once an hour is a good remedy, also ferri phos., third decimal trituration, should not be forgotten.

Lead Colic. I practiced several years in a town where there were many men employed as painters in carriage manufactories. As a result I used to average about twenty-five cases of painter's colic a year. It is customary to dose such cases with morphine, but I never used it. The treatment which I depended upon was the "White Liquid Physic" of the older eclectics, made as follows:

Rx Sulph. Magnesia, ℥xi.
Nitrate Potash, ℥ss.
Sulphuric Acid, ʒi.
Boiling Water, Oii.
Mix. Sig. Tablespoonful once in three hours until it moves the bowels freely. After a free evacuation of the bowels give it in smaller doses.

A careful study of the above prescription will convince the reader that it is about as near a perfect antidote for the lead poisoning as could be prepared. In the treatment of my cases I had them back at work in the shop in a few days, while under the old plan of treatment the men were sick for several weeks. In lead paralysis iodide of potash is the remedy, five grains three times a day.

Colic. In this affection there are certain remedies that can be depended upon. Each remedy has a clear cut indication and the reader should study each case carefully and adapt the remedy to it that is indicated. Dioscorea is the remedy for wind colic. The more gas there is in the bowels the stronger the indication for the remedy. When the pain is aggravated by bending forward, relieved by standing erect or bending backward, and is of a griping, twisting nature, as if the bowels were grasped by the hand and twisted, the dioscorea will give prompt relief. Give sixty drops of tincture dioscorea in a wine-glass of hot water every half hour until relieved. This is one of the most valuable remedies which has been handed down to us by the fathers of the Eclectic School of Medicine.

When in colic the pain is agonizing, causing the patient to bend double, or to press something hard against the abdomen—the patient leans over chairs, the table, bed, or anything hard to get relief—colocynth is the remedy. Give tincture colocynth five drops in four ounces of aqua, having the patient take a teaspoonful of this mixture every fifteen minutes until relieved.

In colic with cramping pains relieved by heat, there is a belching of gas which does not lessen the pain, phosphate of magnesia will prove useful. Add five grains of the third decimal trituration to a half cup of hot water and feed the patient a teaspoonful every few minutes until relieved. It is the remedy for the above group of symptoms.

Enteritis. In the first stages of enteritis with fever, high temperature, tenderness of abdomen, chilliness, vomiting, ferri phos. is the remedy. Place five grains of the third decimal trituration in a cup of hot water, and give a teaspoonful every fifteen minutes for an hour; then once in half an hour. Apply flaxseed poultice wet with warm saleratus water, one teaspoonful of saleratus to the pint of warm water, over the bowels. In the second stage, when the tongue is white, abdomen hard and swollen, with constipation, kali mur. is the remedy. Add five grains of the third decimal trituration to a cup of hot water and give two teaspoon-fuls every half hour.

Dropsy. In dropsy where the feet only are swollen the heart is at fault; if the bloating is only in the abdomen it is the liver that is affected; if there is a general swelling the trouble is located in the kidney.

In dropsy, where the urine is scanty and dark colored, the skin is distended and glistening, circulation slow, constipation, a sensation of sinking at the stomach, great thirst, but water disagrees, causes pain and vomiting, puffiness of the face and under the eyes, apocynum cannabinum is the remedy. The decoction of the remedy as prepared by Boericke & Tafel, of Philadelphia, will produce the best results. Dose from one to three drachms every four hours. As much as two quarts of urine will be passed in twenty-four hours.

In dropsy cardiac, when the patient cannot lie down, is obliged to sit up, jugular veins distended, face livid, with loose cough, pulse weak, feels as if the heart would stop beating, digitalis is the remedy. When I give this drug in dropsy I begin with three drops tincture digitalis and increase one drop a day up to ten drops, the doses being once in four hours. With each dose of digitalis I give a solution of cream of tartar, about ten grains in a wine-glass of water. I find I get better results from it in this way.

In dropsy, when the heart is weak and unable to carry the circulation of the blood, there may be an effusion of liquid—there is soreness in the uterus and palpitation of the heart, you should think of convallaria. Give tincture convallaria two drachms, aqua six ounces. Mix. Sig. Teaspoonful once in two hours. In cardiac dropsy with anasarca, urine scanty, great dyspnea, pulse irregular, headaches, pain extending from occiput around the temples to the eyes and across the front, give five drops of tincture adonis in a little water three times a day. In stubborn cases of dropsy I have found the following an old standby:

Rx Elaterin, grs. i.
Jalap, grs. xx.
Squills, grs. xx.
Mix. Make twenty pills. Sig. One pill every four hours.

In eight hours the water will start to flow; in two days it flows freely. Strychnine, one-thirtieth grain, should be given once in three hours to prevent collapse.

Worms. In worms of children I have always depended upon the following; it does the work every time:

Rx Santonin, grs. x.
Podophyllin, grs. ii.
Sacch. Alba., grs. xxx.
Mix. Divide into chart. No. 20. Sig. One powder night and morning until the bowels move freely, then stop.

Every mother who has children likes "worm powders" in the house. Then when the children are white round the mouth, pick their nose, have bad breath, these powders will carry off the worms.

For tapeworm the remedies are legion, but the old remedy, aromatic sulphuric acid, is my standby. Put a teaspoonful in a wine-glass of sweetened water and drink at once. Take three such doses in twenty-four hours. It will bring worms.

Definite Medication, 1911, was written by Eli G. Jones, M.D.