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THE SEMI-CENTENNIAL ANNIVERSARY MEETING.—Our readers are referred to page 130, for an account of the proceedings on that interesting occasion. The absence of several old members and staunch friends of the College, whose presence was expected, was regretted, and, among these, none more so than Daniel B. Smith, Elias Durand and Prof. George B. Wood. The good feeling on the occasion was unmarred by any accident, and the arrangements of the Committee, both at the meeting and at the refreshment tables afterwards, seemed entirely satisfactory and greatly to the credit of their executive ability.

COMMENCEMENT.—The Annual Commencement of the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy will take place on Wednesday evening, March 15th, at the Academy of Music. Seats will be reserved for members of the College and their families, if desired, by applying, on or after Monday, March 6th, at the store or A. B. Taylor, Secretary of the Board, 1015 Chestnut Street. Members should apply in time, as well to aid the Committee as to secure a choice of seats. Should any of our friends in other cities desire to be present, a word sent to Mr. Taylor Will secure them seats.

THE ANNUAL MEETING OF THE COLLEGE will occur on the 27th or March, at, 3 o'clock, P. M., at the College Hall, North Tenth Street. It was thought by some that the Semi-centennial Celebration should have been held at the usual time of the Annual Meeting, but the Board decided that the time to celebrate was the date of the inception of the idea of a Society at the first meeting, and hence the course taken. The numerous attendance at the late occasion justifies us in hoping that the members will be fairly represented in numbers on the 27th of March, on which occasion the Annual Election will take place. Members will do well to examine closely the new By-Laws, printed with Journal for January, 1870, so as to be posted on the subject.

Ɣ SYRUP OF SENEKA.—The following communication was received too-late for insertion among the original matter, but is printed that it may be considered along with the paper of Mr. Wharton at page 101.

"TOLEDO, OHIO, Feb. 20, 1871.
To the Editor of the Journal of Pharmacy:

Having unsuccessfully tried several formulas for preparing Syrup of Seneka as given in your Journal, I tried the following method with satisfactory result.

Rx Ext. senegae fluid, f℥iv.
Sacchari albi pulv. gross., ℥xv.
Magnesiae Carbonatis, ℥ss.
Aqu fontanae, Oss.

Evaporate the extract of Seneka by water bath to f℥ii, triturate with the Magnesiae until thoroughly and evenly mixed, add the water and filter, adding water until f℥viii have been procured; add the sugar and dissolve by gentle heat. The product will be a clear syrup that will keep well.

The fluid extract used was prepared by Campbell's process, and represented 16 troy ounces of the drug to 16 fluid ounces of the extract.


ERRATUM the last line of page 58, February number, read Aq. f℥viij, instead of f℥iij. Readers will please make the correction. (corrected.)

The American Journal of Pharmacy, Vol. XLIII, 1871, was edited by William Procter, Jr. (Issues 1-4) and John M. Maisch (Issues 5-12).