Editorial Department.

ANNOUNCEMENT. The Editor takes great pleasure in announcing to the subscribers and friends of this Journal that, at the Annual Meeting of the College, Prof. John M. Maisch was elected its Editor, and that be will commence his duties with the May number. Prof. Maisch has been so long and favorably known as a contributor to its pages, and as a true working man in our profession, that he needs no further introduction, and has our earnest good wishes for a useful and brilliant career.

PROF. MAISCH requests that all correspondence and communications intended for him, as Editor of the American Journal of Pharmacy, be directed to him at the College of Pharmacy, 145 North 10th Street, Philadelphia.


The American Journal of Pharmacy, Vol. XLIII, 1871, was edited by William Procter, Jr. (Issues 1-4) and John M. Maisch (Issues 5-12).