Glycerole of Lupulin.

Botanical name: 

(From the Author's inaugural Essay.)

Take of Lupulin, one troy ounce.
Alcohol, six fluid ounces.
Glycerin, nine fluid ounces.
Curaçao cordial, one fluid ounce

Mix the alcohol with two fluid ounces of glycerin, moisten the lupulin with the mixture, pack into a cylindrical percolator, and continue to add this mixture until eight fluid ounces of the percolate has passed; to this add the remainder of glycerin, previously mixed with the curaçao, and thoroughly mix the whole together. This will afford, by careful manipulation, a very fine preparation, miscible with any of the officinal syrups or tinctures, and possessing all the medicinal properties of lupulin. Dose, for an adult, one teaspoonful, representing 71 grains of lupulin.

The American Journal of Pharmacy, Vol. XLIII, 1871, was edited by William Procter, Jr. (Issues 1-4) and John M. Maisch (Issues 5-12).