Editorial Department.


THE ELIXIR NUISANCE.—We have received a letter on this subject, which contains some excellent suggestions with a view of abating what has become a nuisance, that we have requested permission from the author for its publication:

BALTIMORE, July 12th, 1871.
Editor of Am. Jour. Pharmacy.

Dear Sir.—In the last number (July) of your valuable journal, I notice a very commendable article written upon "Modern Elixirs." I have for a long time entertained the same views as expressed by you concerning those preparations. They have at last become a "nuisance" to the dispensing pharmacist. More reasons than one might be adduced to prove them such. I, for one, have never made but the one "Elix. Valerianate Ammonia," because I have felt that the matter should be controlled and checked by our "Colleges of Pharmacy," and not encouraged by me. If we must have the various Elixirs, it seems as though there might be contributions of formulas from individuals connected with our various Colleges of Pharmacy throughout our country, and presented at the meeting of the American Pharmaceutical Association; and from the number received let there be selected (by a Commission appointed for the purpose) the most satisfactory formulas, and recommend them to be adopted as officinal preparations, so that upon a revision of our national Pharmacopoeia they could be inserted as such. I have conversed with several of our leading pharmacists and physicians, and they have expressed their dissatisfaction with the present confused condition of matters as brought about by the introduction of so many Elixirs, and by so many different makers.

I do not write this with the expectation of influencing the Elixir Market in any manner, but merely to inform you that the same feeling exists in our city concerning those preparations that seems to exist elsewhere.

Hoping that you will continue to agitate the subject until the abuses are checked, I remain,
Most respectfully, yours,

The American Journal of Pharmacy, Vol. XLIII, 1871, was edited by William Procter, Jr. (Issues 1-4) and John M. Maisch (Issues 5-12).