Botanical name: 

Duboisina.—Mr. Duquesnel, a pharmacist, has presented to the French Academy crystallized specimens of the pure alkaloid of Duboisia myoropoides. Duboisina, which had previously been obtained only as a syrupy amorphous product of a yellow color, crystallizes in fine colorless needles, grouped around a central point; it is much less soluble in water than the amorphous product, and forms with sulphuric acid a neutral salt, easily crystallizable, deliquescent, and possessing very energetic mydriatic properties. The chemical study will determine in what respects it resembles or differs from atropina, and its physiological study has been undertaken at the laboratory of physiology, under the direction of Dr. Laborde, who will make known the results. —Jour. de Pharm. et de Chim., Jan., 1881, p. 39.

The American Journal of Pharmacy, Vol. 53, 1881, was edited by John M. Maisch.