Ad 01: Elixirs, Wines and Syrups.

Ad: Elixirs, Wines and Syrups.

Elixirs, Wines and Syrups, prepared by Parke, Davis & Co., Manufacturing chemists.
Elixirs. In seeking to supply the demand for these pharmaceutical preparations, we make use of the most effectual disguises of the objectionable taste of the basic ingredients. We recognize the fact, however, that there are certain drugs, the taste of which cannot be covered when given in theusual dose, with the ordinary amount of excipient, viz.: a teaspoonful. In the latter cases we never sacrifice medicinal activity to secure a palatable mixture. Our elixirs contain precisely the quantity of medicinal ingredients which they are said to contain on the labels, and we take this occasion to advise the profession that extremely palatable elixirs, which are said to contain intensely bitter ingredients, such as quinne and strychnia, in medium or large doses, should be received with suspicion as to their strength. We challenge the most rigid tests of our elixirs, convinced as we are that they are as palatable as it is possible to make them, and at the same time to preserve them true to the representation of strength with which they are placed on the market. Our list comprises a full line of these preparations.
In the preparation of our wines and syrups the same unvarying standard of strength as we adopt in the case of elixirs is maintained throughout.
Our list comprises the full line of both official and non-official preparations, under these heads, including:
Wines. American white ash; Antimonial, U.S.P.; Aromatic, U.S.P.; Beef and wine; Beef, iron and wine; Beef, iron, wine and cinchona; Beef, iron, wine and pepsin; Calisaya; Calisaya and iron pyrophosphate; Corn silk; pepsin; pepsin and bismuth; Tar; Wild cherry; etc. etc.
Syrups. Calcium hypophosphite; Calcium iodide; Calcium lactophosphate; Chloral hydrate; Dover's powder; Hypophosphites; Iron bromide; Iron lactate; Iron lactophosphate; Iron and manganese iodides; Manganese hypophosphite; Manganese iodide; Manganese lactophosphate; Potassium lactophosphate; Phosphates compound (Chemical food); Yerba santa compound; etc. etc.
Send for Price List containing full list of Elixirs, Wines, and Syrups, to
Parke, Davis & Co., Manufacturing Chemists, New York: Maiden Lane and Liberty St.; Detroit, Michigan.

This image is an advertisement in the American Journal of Pharmacy, 1884.